Our specialist crown and bridge department is well versed in dealing with all aspects of fixed single unit, multiple unit and large bridge work.

Bonded Metal

We work with both precious and non-precious metals.

Metal Free

IPS E-MAX: for single crowns and small bridge work. Also inlays/onlays.

ZIRCONIA: for single crowns and small to large bridge spans.

GRADIA COMPOSITE: single crowns, inlays/onlays and temporary Maryland bridges.

ACRYLIC: single crowns, small to medium bridges.

Wax Mock-upWax Mock-up 2E-max CrownsE-max Crowns (5)E-max Crowns (4)E-max Crowns (3)E-max Crowns (2)E-max Crowns (1)




All aspects of implant work undertaken; including fixed and removable acrylic work on cast or milled metal frames.

Porcelain bonded implant bridge work to precious and non-precious frameworks (both screw and cement retained).

Custom abutments can be constructed with Dentsply Atlantis/Isus system (milled frameworks in titanium or chrome cobalt) or cast in-house within the laboratory.

All implant systems catered for including Astra, Nobel Biocare, Southern, Ankylos, Bio Horizons, Biomet 3I and Straumann (Platinum Laboratory).


Dental Implants (1)Dental Implants (2)Dental Implants (3)Dental Implants (4)Dental Implants (5)Dental Implants (6)Dental Implants (7)Dental Implants (8)Dental Implants (9)Dental Implants (10)Dental ImplantsImplant Bridge Work 2Implant Bridge Work 3Implant Bridge Work



The laboratory has vast experience in providing a wide range of removable prosthetics including:

  • NHS standard acrylic and chrome work;
  • Private hi-impact acrylic and chrome work;
  • Flexible partial dentures and tooth coloured clasps.

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All aspects of ortho work undertaken:

  • Removable appliances
  • Vacuum retainers/splints
  • Anti snoring devices
  • Sports mouth guards
  • Wire retainers
  • Whitening trays.

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